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In October 2006 Ban Ki-moon was appointed as the next UN Secretary-General in the General Assembly, “upon the recommendation of the Security Council.”

Historically, the selection process for the Secretary-General has occurred largely behind closed doors and falls far short of existing legitimate international high-level appointment procedures. UNSGselection.org therefore dedicated several months to calling for a more democratic, transparent and effective selection process that would ensure the appointment of the most qualified candidate. Some important changes were made that could pave the way towards a more transparent and democratic selection process in the future. However, much remains to be done. UNSGselection.org will continue to work with UN member states, international organizations, civil society groups, and the media, to promote a higher-quality process.

Building on the momentum of the UNSGselection.org campaign, WFM-IGP has begun monitoring a range of other important UN elections and appointments. We will advocate for more transparent, democratic, and effective elections throughout the UN system. This new initiative, UNelections.org, will have its own website by mid-December 2006. In the meantime, you can find Latest Developments on UN elections and appointments, as well as recent media coverage (see In the News – Other UN Elections and Appointments), on this website.

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