About UNSGselection.org

For the latest on our efforts to improve the selection process for the UN Secretary-General, please visit our new website, 1for7billion.org

UNSGselection.org was a 2006 project of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy that aimed to promote a more effective, transparent and democratic selection process for the UN Secretary-General. The website served to engage relevant actors worldwide in tracking the process, initiating debate, sharing and disseminating information, and outlining criteria for the appointment of a qualified candidate through an improved selection process.

Thanks in part to our efforts, the selection process for the Secretary-General in 2006 was considered to be one of the most transparent in the UN’s history. However, many of the issues which we raised in 2006 remain: there is still no formal timetable for the selection process, no job description, and no opportunity for member states, the media, or civil society to engage with candidates.

Now, with the appointment of the next SG expected to start in 2016, WFM-IGP and its NGO partners have launched a new initiative calling for further improvements to the selection process. By acting now, we believe that meaningful reform can be achieved before the appointment process starts, so that the next Secretary-General will be chosen through a process that is inclusive, transparent, and merit-based. We have named this new initiative “1 for 7 Billion:Find the Best UN Leader”.

As leader of the United Nations, the Secretary-General represents all seven billion of the world’s people. We need a process that helps us get the Secretary-General we deserve.